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Peter Ivantsov

Chief Vision Officer

Peter Ivantsov the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Global Capital Group brings his vision to the group across the different sectors that the board decides to invest in. Through his 15 years in real estate in Europe with Christie's International affiliate, Banking in the Middle East with HSBC and in private family offices in the DIFC he brings strategic leadership in acquisition, management and overall approach to the GCG portfolio of companies.

Vincent Ribes

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Ribes is the Chief Operating Officer of Global Capital Group, Director of GCG Real Estate and Asset Management, he brings his knowledge to lead the group in a growing path. Strong with more than 10 years of experience with HNWI and international groups, from insurance and banking to real estate family office, he learned to multitask and brings a strong analytical understanding of all the aspects that a business can face.

Javier Moreno Garcia

Chief Financial Officer

Javier Moreno Garcia, CFO and Board Member of Global Capital Group. With extensive experience in different roles at Airbus, PwC, Abante and GHA where his responsibilities included financial processes and audits, as well as financial management as CFO. Javier Moreno Garcia contributes to the operational efficiency and risk management of Global Capital Group.

Sonja Antonic

Chief Marketing Officer

Sonja Antonic, Chief Marketing Officer of Global Capital Group and Head of JVDR oversees companies' marketing projects. With 10 years of experience in content management and leading-edge digital marketing management for UAE, USA and EU companies, she brings the value of strategic planning approach, agile project management and fast-paced execution.

Sinisa Lazarek

Chief Creative Officer

Sinisa Lazarek is a Creative Director and Chief Brand Strategist at Global Capital Group. He has over 20 years experience in the branding and advertising industry. He has worked with companies on all continents, including some of the Fortune 500 members (eBay, Johnson & Johnson). He draws on his extensive experience in a wide spectrum of industry niches to critically assess brands and companies and develop strategies for growth.

Thomas Rogge

Chief Structuring Officer

Thomas Rogge started his career in real estate with Citya, a real estate agency with more than one million clients. His ambition led him to the world of wealth management, where his goal was to improve the financial life of his clients, whether in France or abroad through private equity or direct real estate for which he had to open companies in different jurisdictions for his clients, as much to optimize their taxation as to secure their assets. His thirst for learning led him to work in real estate in Miami where his role was to set up companies for acquisitions. Since 2020, he is based in Dubai as Managing Director of GCG Structuring, the corporate structuring arm of Global Capital Group.

Marc Bovis

Board Member

Marc Bovis has always been attracted to the world of finance, banking and tax optimization. This naturally led him to do a BBA in banking and finance in Geneva, where he was valedictorian. His entrepreneurial spirit made him the co-founder of a successful clothing brand in the US market. Now based in Dubai, he serves the interests of Global Capital Group's portfolio of companies, ensuring the various banking regulations in the jurisdictions in which Global Capital Group is involved. Marc Bovis continues to expand his knowledge and bring the best banking solutions to the group and its clients.

Tim Biscaye

Chief People Officer

People leader of numerous international companies and organizations. His background in executive human resources leadership crosses six industries, five continents with hands-on management of multi-cultural operations in 30+ countries; works fluently in French, English & Arabic. Tim is an entrepreneurial team builder who believes in the spirit of collaboration and inclusion and his life mantra is: "Live big - Love big - Dream bigger, be warmhearted."