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The Story of GCG

The Global Capital Group of companies was born out of the desire to create a community of like-minded people, professionals who perform their day-to-day work in accordance with the highest ethical and business standards, but are passionate, autonomous, fun-loving entrepreneurs.

The idea to build GCG hatched in the mind of our founder Peter Ivantsov, an experienced businessman, who has had a history in corporate, banking, asset management and real estate investments. Truth to be told, most of the companies within the GCG were created out of desperation - encountering low-level service providers that charge hefty high-end fees and bring zero results to the table. This pushed Peter to look for freelancers who did things differently. Most of our subsidiary companies started out as informal teams & individuals, hired to do a better job, provide better services, for a better price. After months and years of hard work, and tangible results, these teams grew and finally became full-blown, stand-alone companies that provide outstanding services for both internal and external clients.

Global Capital Group and its subsidiary company members have been present in the Middle East, Europe and Northern America market for two decades on average and were able to accumulate a network of legal, financial, sales and marketing professionals, making sure that all internal and external business endeavors are successful, sustainable and in accordance with international laws and regulations.

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