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About us

Global Capital Group

Global Capital Group is an international holding company that owns and manages several US, UK and UAE based companies. The subsidiary companies are mainly focused in the area of investments and business structuring and supportive industries, such as marketing and media buying. The group actively invests in US multi asset residential real estate, and is currently looking to expand into the Venture Capital and Private Equity space.


Subsidiary Companies

The structure of Global Capital Group makes it self-efficient and sustainable. The company was founded by leaders in the area of company structuring, and real estate investment experts. Our agile leaders developed in-house teams of marketing and media buying experts. Today, these teams have grown into marketing and media buying agencies that help us build internal brands which allows us to focus on business development and strategic decision making processes.

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business shaped solutions

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GCG Real Estate

Private Equity investing in US Real Estate offering yields and direct property investments to customers

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GCG Structuring

Company formation specialist helping clients structure and administrate their business in an efficient manner with tax and banking in focus.

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GCG Media

is a media buying agency specializing in Facebook advertising.

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is a full-stack content media production company with a focus on ecommerce and real estate brands.

We bring structure to the world of business and investments.